12 September 2011

We Still Need Your Help

We are very grateful to everyone who has donated to UK Disaster Relief to help those affected by the recent riots, through Mission Fish, Every Click or through our Just Giving page. There will also be opportunities to give to UKDR over the next two weeks, by coming to one of our fundraising events in Birmingham, Clapham or Hackney

While donations are always welcome, we also need your help in other ways. As part of our research, we want your opinion on what you would need if you lost your home and possessions in a disaster. Would you need cash, food, accommodation; and if so, how much? Please add your comments to this blog post.

If you were affected by the riots, also, and would like to share your experience, UK Disaster Relief would like to talk to you, so that we have the best picture of what provisions are necessary if another disaster occurs.

Thank you from all at UK Disaster Relief

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