31 August 2011

Research into the needs of people affected by recent UK riots.

UK Disaster Relief is currently conducting research around the country, in areas which were hit by recent riots. The research is to discover exactly what people affected by the riots need, be it immediate financial aid, help finding accommodation/temporary housing or long term help solutions. 

This research is to help us better understand how we can help after a disaster, and we will also use to research to best direct the funds we raise. 

We are in the process of speaking with people who were affected in any way by the recent UK riots, resulting in them looking to organisations for help. If you are one of these people, or you anyone who is, please contact Kieran Cunningham at info@ukdisasterrelief.org.uk, or tweet us @ukdr_info. You can also call Kieran on 02077949835. The more information we have the better, so we thank you in advance of your support!

26 August 2011

£250 grants for retailers affected by the riots from The Retail Trust

The Retail Trust are the only charity in the UK which looks after and supports the three million people working in retail. They offer advice, course funding, financial assistance, redundancy programmes for people who need work and counselling to retailers in times of need. 

They are currently offering grants of £250 to retailers who have been affected by the riots. These grants are available to help retailers with personal losses that they may have incurred, to help ease the financial burden of paying for food shopping for example. As well as these grants, Retail Trust offer a number of long term help solutions to help people deal with ongoing trauma they might be experiencing as a result of the riots.

If you are a retailer who could benefit from this grant, or you know someone else who is, go to to the Retail Trust website for more information on who is eligible and how to apply. There is also information for people who want to volunteer to help victims of the riots, so a great project all round!

25 August 2011

Here's a new easy way to raise money for UK DISASTER RELIEF that does not involve parting with extra cash.

Everyclick.com has launched a new way to donate – it’s been christened “Give as you Live”. It means you can search the web, shop on line from your favourite retailers, trade on eBay and raise money for UK DISASTER RELIEF.

You get great search results from Yahoo!, content from leading shopping providers and access to all eBay auctions. Every search you make creates a donation for charity.
Our special address is http://www.everyclick.com/uk-disaster-relief/ct45357, all searches, shopping and eBay activity made from here will raise money for us.

Make sure you sign up so you can track your giving – it updates every 3 minutes, you’ll be amazed how quickly it adds up!

Everyclick has already raised over £2,062,294.07 for a wide range of charities around the UK, and Everyclick was voted website of the Year 2008 and has been recognised as a top 100 media tech company 2009.
Discover the new way to give to UK DISASTER RELIEF. Give as you Live.

24 August 2011

Fundraising for UK Disaster Relief

We have had a great response from people who want to help victims of the recent UK riots by fundraising for UK Disaster Relief. Now you can set up your own charity page on Just Giving, making it really easy to collect donations and keep track of your fundraising targets. If you are doing a sponsored event for UK Disaster Relief, be sure to get in touch with us to let us know how you are getting on!

This button will take you straight through to setting up your fundraising page

Create Your Fundraising Page

Thank you and good luck!

22 August 2011

The Fleeting Festival Line Up

Find out more about the exciting Fleeting Festival on the events website, which includes details about its line-up.

The event, taking place on the 24th September, is in aid of UK Disaster Relief. Funds will go towards rejuvenating the Clapham area devastated by the recent riots. 

Turn up to show your support!

Join EveryClick and Help Raise us Money

Sign up to EveryClick, choose UK Disaster Relief as your charity and 'Give as you Live'!

The 'Give as you Live' app allows thousands of stores to donate money as you shop online. Once its downloaded, you can shop directly at these online stores. Everytime you shop, a percentage of your spend can be donated to UK Disaster Relief. To find out more about how EveryClick works click here

You can also use the EveryClick search bar to generate funds. Every time you do a search, we get a donation. 

Let EveryClick know what you think of the website and their service and you could be in with the chance of winning of holiday!

Neither cost you anything so please support UK Disaster Relief and join now!

19 August 2011

The Fleeting Festival – In support of UK Disaster Relief

The Fleeting Festival will be showcasing an eclectic mix of performances in support of the UK Disaster Relief. The donations from this event will be used to help restore local businesses and repair areas of Clapham that were damaged by the riots this month.

This exciting event will take place on Saturday 24thSeptember at 8pm at The Alexandra pub on Clapham Common. It will be the launching night for the Festival that will be brought to you every month.

We hope that lots of you will turn up to soak up the festival atmosphere and to give support to the Clapham community. Thank you to the Fleeting Festival for showing your support for those effected by the UK riots. More details to follow soon…

UK Disaster Relief and Big Give Christmas Challenge 2011

The UK disaster Relief have been accepted to take part in the Big Give Christmas Challenge 2011! This exciting opportunity allows us to have our pledged donations met by the Christmas Challenge Sponsor Fund. In the past two years the Christmas Challenge has raised over £18 million for hundreds of charities. We anticipate continued success this year.

Everyone can get help in the Christmas Challenge, by getting involved in this community of giving you can help us regenerate the communities fractured by this months riots.

At 10am on 5th December 2011 the Christmas Challenge opens for online donations. Thank you Big Give!

18 August 2011

Partnership with the Community Foundations Network

After a successful meeting with the Community Foundations Network, we have now agreed to work in partnership with them to disperse funds that we raise for victims of disasters.

Community Foundations Network is made up of many local community foundations. They have many on the ground contacts and relationships with local foundations, so they have great knowledge of what funds are needed, where, and when. UK Disaster Relief are very happy to have found a reliable and trusted outlet through which we can direct our funds, to ensure that they are utilised as effectively as possible.

17 August 2011

Help for the people of Tottenham and Croydon

It was announced this morning that a £20 million fund has been created by Communities and Local Government. The London Enterprise Fund will be used to help create and regenerate businesses in Tottenham and Croydon, helping to immediately boost the economies of these struggling areas. 
The fund hopes to create many jobs and apprenticeship opportunities for local residents, many of whom have been living in some of the worst areas for unemployment in the UK. This £20 million is is in addition to the £50 million high street improvement package put forward by Boris Johnson, which will help give as many people as possible, access to help following the riots. 

16 August 2011

HMRC Helpline Launched for Businesses affected by UK riots.

HMRC have launched a help line for businesses affected by the riots. The help line is to provide businesses with advice about tax and some financial matters. If you are one of these businesses or know anyone that is, call 0845 366 1207. 

15 August 2011

Enchanted Burlesque - Show to support UK Disaster Relief

The burlesque and cabaret group 'Enchanted Burlesque' from Birmingham are putting on a show on the 17th of September to help support UK Disaster Relief. Enchanted Burlesque are donating 50% of the profits to us, which we will use to help victims of the UK riots, in particular those hit in the West Midlands.

We hope to see lots of you at this fantastic event - and thanks to Enchanted Burlesque for helping some of the many people who's lives have been torn apart by the recent UK riots.  More details about the show will follow soon, but until then you can follow Enchanted Burlesque on Twitter .  

Charity Giving

Great news - you can now donate through our Charity Giving page . Another easy method of donating to worth while causes. Thank you!

Public Generosity

The general wish to help those who have lost their homes, property and livelihoods through the riots is shown by their generous donations to Aaron Biber and Ashraf Haziq.

It also shows the need for a central charity to collect donations that can be distributed fairly to those who don’t hit the media, so don’t get the money.

That was the thinking behind UK Disaster Relief. 


We just want to thank all of the people who have donated to our text campaign over the weekend. All donations no matter how big or small really make a difference. Keep it coming! Text UKDR01 to 70070, with your donation amount (eg £5). Thanks again!

11 August 2011

Facebook and Twitter

You can now follow us on Facebook by searching for UK Disaster Relief, and on Twitter @ukdr_info Let's encourage people to donate! 

Victim Support London

We've just spoken to Victim Support London . They, are through their help line, dealing with ongoing enquiries from the victims of the riots. We agreed we could work with them to provide immediate help. This depends on your generosity - please help if you can. 

Urgent need for funds.

Need for funds are great, because businesses are not covered by their insurance - they have to apply to the local police to pay for the damage. This is a long winded process but many have immediate needs (to replace broken windows etc). Please give generously so we can give immediate support. Text UKDR10 to 70070.

Just Text Giving - Text 'UKDR01' to 70070

Great news for easy donating - we've now set up a campaign on Just Text Giving with Vodafone which enables people to donate by sending a free text message. 

To donate to UK Disaster Relief, send a text to 70070, including our JustTextGiving code - UKDR10 - and the amount you want to donate. So to donate £10, you would send 'UKDR10 £10'

Money raised through this JustTextGiving campaign will be used to help people affected by the recent riots in the UK. 

Thanks in advance of your generosity!

10 August 2011

UK Disaster Relief - A new charity (Registered Charity Number 1136164)

UK Disaster Relief is a very newly established charity. It has been set up to provide practical help to those who have been affected by natural or man-made disasters. UK Disaster Relief was set up by the director of Charities Advisory Trust - Dame Hilary Blume, and Dame Elisabeth Hoodless (former director of Community Service Volunteers). At this time, the Charities Advisory Trust provides the administrative support.   
The purpose of UK Disaster Relief is to provide a central charity to which the public can respond to disasters with confidence. The funds are collected nationally but will be distributed locally through charities and community groups in conjunction with social services and victim support. The amounts available for distribution will depend on the generosity of the public.

We are in the process of setting up easy mechanisms for giving. Please bear with us. Soon you should be able to donate through My Donate and Just Giving. We are already accepting donations through MissionFish, charity giving on ebay - where buyers on ebay donate at the checkout. Just choose UK Disaster Relief as your charity.

You can also send a cheque to:
UK Disaster Relief (Riots), Radius Works, Back Lane, London. NW3 1HL.

We thank you in advance of all your support.