20 September 2011

Enchanted Burlesque - 17th September 2011

On Saturday the 17th September 2011 a fair few people dressed up and wandered over to the HMV Institute in Birmingham for Enchanted Burlesque's lastest show, a musical concert featuring bizarre cabaret sensation Mister Joe Black. Come the end of the night, which also featured the musical talents of Bitter Ruin and Mister Meredith, a lot of people had laughed, cheered and tried not to be too embarressed by some rather interesting and racey songs. The audience also ended up contributing a nice bundle of money for UK Disaster Relief.

Show organiser Angel LaVey and her husband initially organised the event as a money making venture, but after the recent riots tore through Birmingham city centre they felt they had to do something to help those affected. Birmingham has been Angel's home for most of her life and is also where Enchanted Burlesque runs events. UK Disaster Relief was the perfecty charity to support, set up in response to the riots and aiming to target the areas most in need. All the money raised by Enchanted Burlesque will go to help those affected in the West Midlands.

Now that Enchanted Burlesque and their loyal fans have done their bit for the local community it's back to business as usual, with a more traditional burlesque theatre show booked for the 31st March 2012 at the Old Rep Theatre, Birmingham. The show is called Enchanted Burlesque - Believe, quite apt since everyone involved the last show believed in supporting UK Disaster Relief.

(by James LaVey - Enchanted Burlesque)

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