31 August 2011

Research into the needs of people affected by recent UK riots.

UK Disaster Relief is currently conducting research around the country, in areas which were hit by recent riots. The research is to discover exactly what people affected by the riots need, be it immediate financial aid, help finding accommodation/temporary housing or long term help solutions. 

This research is to help us better understand how we can help after a disaster, and we will also use to research to best direct the funds we raise. 

We are in the process of speaking with people who were affected in any way by the recent UK riots, resulting in them looking to organisations for help. If you are one of these people, or you anyone who is, please contact Kieran Cunningham at info@ukdisasterrelief.org.uk, or tweet us @ukdr_info. You can also call Kieran on 02077949835. The more information we have the better, so we thank you in advance of your support!

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